Monday, May 31, 2010

Afformations - The Experience Begins

Afformations are a way that we can change the way we focus and what we focus on. This is a life changing idea that was thought up in the shower one day by author and Personal Development Mentor Noah St John.

He is a believer in The Law of Attraction and after many years of using affirmations he finally came to the conclusion that Affirmations just weren't working for him. I completely understand where he's coming from, and there are many others I am sure who feel the same way. No matter how many times we repeat our affirmations, they just don't seem to be working.

Of course there are reasons like, well, you have to truly believe them, or, your not wording them right. Yet, the answer could be as simple as this, Affirmations may not be working for you, because you may have subconscious beliefs that you cant see or aren't aware of, that may be holding your back.

You could probably delve into identifying and changing those limiting beliefs which takes a heck of a lot of energy and even then, some of our self sabotaging behaviour could have up to 20 limiting beliefs behind them, and each of them has to be eliminated before we can fully move forward. Whew, that's a lot of energy huh?


We could stop trying to convince ourselves of something that deep down we know is untrue, and focus on assuming that these things are already true. This is what Afformations are, asking the right questions in a way that assumes that we already have this thing we want to be, do or have.

Here are Noah St Johns 4 Step Afformations process:

1 – Think about what you want. What is your goal etc. Decide and commit to this goal fully

2 – Form a question that assumes that what you want is already true.

So with affirmations, you are told to think of statements that assume you have what you want already. This is where the Affirmations process can crumble for some. However, even with affirmations you can reword them so that they are more believable for your concious mind, yet, because you are unaware of beliefs that may not resonate in your subconscious with your statement, you may still find yourself frustrated and lacking with Affirmations.

With Afformations, you are simply asking your brain to seek out proof of the question you are asking.

So when forming your questions, you are under the assumption that you have already reached this goal. This is the key step to Afformations because you are reforming beliefs, building new seeds of thought.

My Example”
“why am I able to focus so easily everyday?”

If you are unable to come up with straight away, try thinking of dis-empowering or negative chatter that you say to yourself sometimes. You may be asking yourself things like “why am I so lonely?” or “I am I always broke?”. All you have to do from here is reverse the question. “Why do I have such great people to keep me company” or “Why am I able to make so much money”.

3 – Give yourself over to the question

Afformations are not ways to FIND answers, you are instead asking better questions. Asking better questions allows your mind to focus on things in your life currently that make this question true. You may even find that there are things in your life that confirm your Afformation that you never really noticed before.

Your subconscious starts to search for the answers in places that you cant consciously see into. This is the same place where we may find the root to our failure with Affirmations.

4 – Take new ACTION based on your new assumptions of Life

We make assumptions all the time and we may not be consciously aware of most of these assumptions.

 Noah gives an example of this in his book “The Secret Code of Success” where he states that if you are under the assumption that Life is FOR you, you will naturally take actions based on the fact that “things will always work out for the best” your results will naturally follow. However, if you feel that life is against you, your actions will be fear based and you may not even bother taking any actions at all so your results will naturally follow.

What will Hinder Your Progress?
Well, taking the wrong actions for one thing. If you are asking yourself “why am I so healthy and have so much energy” yet your actions are the same as when you were unhealthy and tired all the time, you can pretty much assume that its not working because you aren't working at it.

However, if you are fully incorporating all the steps, you will start to feel calmer, less stressed about things that would normally frustrate you.

Afformations are not magic, nor are they a way to trick your mind, what they are however, are a resource to reprogramme your mind into thinking a different way which, in turn, will cause you to take different actions and focus differently.

I am currently going through Noah St Johns “The Secret Code of Success” right now and Afformations are the first step in achieving the success you want without sabotaging yourself along the way.

As I work through this book, I want to give you all my honest options of what I think about it and how it is or is not helping me to succeed.

Based on the Afformations step along, I am more than pleased to have taken taken the time and energy to begin this journey that Noah has set out.

If indeed you have or are working through this book, I would love to hear your own feedback and experiences of it and what, if any, changes have developed for you.

If anyone is wanting to take this journey with me, I would be more than honoured to have your presents on this blog.

I look forward to writing more and experiencing more from Noah, and I assume the success is a given.

I will leave you with this Afformation for the day. Why is “The Secret Code of Success” helping me to be so successful?”.