Sunday, June 6, 2010

About Noah St John - Inventor and Writer of Afformations, Secret Code of Success

Noah St John graduated second in his class, was a National Merit Scholar and attended college on a full academic scholarship. Yet after graduating he went from dead end job to dead end job.

Noah St John's life changed when he started in a new direction in life and took actions that would his personal development.

His defining moment was while he was in the shower one day where after years of practising Affirmations, and in most cases having them fail, he came up with a unique and new way of increasing his focus on what he wanted in life without trying to fake it till he made it.

This is how Afformations were born, and since then Noah St John has had many a success in his life.

He is now a well known author and Personal Development Expert who has testimonial after testimonial from everyday people who's lives he has helped change for the better with his products and his new ideas on how to achieve success in life.

I personally use his products, especialy his Afformations and have gained so much peace, focus and confidence in my self that frustration is now nothing more than an opportunity to grow.

I look forward to working with Noah St Johns products more and more and I know many others can succeed in life using them. I decided to really work with my Afformations and have started a 30day Afformations challenge. If you want to see how I am going with this, take a look here "AFFORMATIONS CHALLENGE".

If you have spent money on products that never worked, or only worked for a short period of time, then Noah's book The Secret Code of Success is the best place to start.

If you are a Law of Attraction pupil and struggle with Affirmations or haven't had the belief system required to truly open the gates of the Universe, then I suggest you grab a copy of The Great Little Book of Afformations and his audio program iAfform”.

Without new actions we will keep getting the same results. Allow yourself to succeed and learn how to by pass unknown limiting belief's by tapping into Noah St Johns unique systems.